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An Informal Study of Australian Click and Collect Services

Click and Collect services have been increasing in popularity over the last couple of years with the vast majority of major bricks and mortar based retailers in Australia now offering a click and collect service when purchasing through their website. This service offers a way to utilise existing stores and logistics networks to distribute online orders that can vastly improve the customer experience, offering an advantage over online only stores that can help to garner positive customer relationships and brand loyalty.
The risk though is that if it is not handled well it can also have the complete opposite effect, turning customers off your brand altogether.
After all, the term “click and collect” suggests one thing, click online and place your order then collect it in store at your convenience. The term does not offer any indication of waiting or delay. So it creates an expectation of freedom to collect at your convenience, which could be 5 minutes or 5 days after placing the order. Obviously some semblance of reason has to come into play. We all know there is some delay to the internet, even an email can sometimes take 5 minutes to get from me to you and then there is the time for a store representative to pick the order and place it at a collection point. Nevertheless, the internet has also created an expectation of immediacy. What does that mean for the customer experience?

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