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Handy Magento Upgrading Links for 1.5 to 1.6

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When upgrading Magento, it doesn’t hurt to have some handy resources. I’ve pulled up a few for doing the upgrade from 1.5 to 1.6:

Some other handy links for upgrading that aren’t specifically relevant to 1.5-1.6 upgrades:

And if you are running Magento on a Hostgator server, this may be handy for upgrading with SSH: How do I get and use SSH access – Hostgator support portal.

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Upgrading Magento Community Edition Through Magento Connect

I’m still experimenting with Magento, and there has been a new version released. As I am going to put this experimental site into production once I’m happy with it, I figure it’s best to keep it up to date and to make sure I know how to update it.

It took me a little bit to work out the best way to do this though. With Drupal, you just download the latest files and upload them to the server, overwriting the old files (more or less anyway), WordPress now has an update button that handles it automatically. Magento I thought should have something in Magento Connect about it, but I couldn’t find anything.

After a bit of hunting around, I found Inchoo’s guide to upgrading, but the extension key he provides to use in Magento Connect simply doesn’t work. It turns out that this is because it is a Magento Connect 1.0 key. The version of Magento I have installed uses Magento Connect 2.0 though, so I needed to find that extension key. I did a little bit of hunting but ended up just modifying another extension key to:


I put this in Magento Connect and off it went, happy as Larry.

For reference though if you are using Magento Connect 1.0, the extension key is: