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10 Great Creative Commons Coffee Cup Photos

I recently had to find the perfect image of a coffee cup for use on a client website, and Creative Commons images were approved for use, so I did some hunting around, both on stock photo websites and searching through Creative Commons images on Flickr.

Some of the Creative Commons images on Flickr are fantastic! Here is my top 10 (in no particular order), click on the images to check them out full size at Flickr and check the Creative Commons license:

Quality Coffee

“Quality Coffee” by sh0dan.

My coffee's design for the day at Fluid

“My coffee’s design for the day at Fluid” by ~ggvic~


“Coffee” by Rob Qld

Used coffee mug

“Used coffee mug” by odolphie

Fresh Cup

“Fresh Cup” by mikecpeck

Tea Cup

“Tea Cup” by *saxon*

Golden Gate

“Golden Gate” by CarbonNYC


“Coffee” by mcveja

A moon in my coffee

“A moon in my coffee” by fdecomite


“Coffee…mmmm” by L. Marie