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Adwords Management

I picked up a new domain name yesterday, which I’m thinking I’ll use to create a landing page relating to Google Adwords management as part of the TerraMedia website. I’m not sure when I’ll get round to it though as I’ve got a number of other things on my to do list that are of a much higher priority.

It is quite a good domain name to use for an Adwords management landing page, or even more so for an entire website relating to Adwords management simply because it has exactly those terms in the domain itself – Adwords management. It would be better if it were a global domain, such as a .com or .net, or even if it was the country coded domain simply because those ones are all easier to remember. Regardless of that though, I think it has potential.

If I haven’t gotten around to doing anything with it when you are reading this, and you are interested in purchasing it, I will consider selling it if the offer is reasonable, so you are welcome to make an offer. Otherwise, hopefully I’ll be setting it up within the next couple of months.