SEO Tests – Creature Wrench Cruiser/Cruzer: Update 5

Today saw no changes to SEO factors for Creature Skateboards “Creature Wrench Cruzer“ on Skate-Parts.Com. Some small ranking changes were also seen in the long tail keywords:

Rankings Today

Creature Skateboards – Not in top 100 (no change)
Creature Wrench – 11 (no change)
Creature Wrench Cruiser – 7 (previously: 8)
Creature Wrench Cruiser Skateboard – 8 (no change)
Creature Wrench Cruzer – 7 (previously: 8)
Creature Wrench Cruzer Skateboard – 8 (previously: 9)
Neil Heddings – Not in top 100 (no change)

Changes Today

  1. No change.

Most keyword rankings remained unchanged, but three of the long tails have improved by one place which is excellent to see.

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