SEO Tests – Creature Wrench Cruiser/Cruzer: Update 4

Today saw no changes to SEO factors for Creature Skateboards “Creature Wrench Cruzer“ on Skate-Parts.Com except that the skateboard was dropped off the front page of the website. I’m interested to see how much this affects the rankings. Some small ranking changes were also seen:

Rankings Today

Creature Skateboards – Not in top 100 (no change)
Creature Wrench – 11 (previously: 12)
Creature Wrench Cruiser – 8 (no change)
Creature Wrench Cruiser Skateboard – 8 (no change)
Creature Wrench Cruzer – 8 (previously: 9)
Creature Wrench Cruzer Skateboard – 9 (no change)
Neil Heddings – Not in top 100 (previously: 98)

Changes Today

  1. Product dropped off the front page of Skate-Parts.Com

Unfortunately “Creature Skateboards” is still not in the top 100 at all and “Neil Heddings” has dropped back out of the top 100, but we have had a slight increase for “Creature Wrench” and “Creature Wrench Cruzer” as well as no change for the other keywords, keeping them in the top 10 still. It’s not perfect, but I am still quite happy with the results so far.

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