SEO Tests – Creature Wrench Cruiser/Cruzer: Update 3

One change to external links today for Creature Skateboards “Creature Wrench Cruzer“ on Skate-Parts.Com. There are also some excellent changes to the rankings as below.

Rankings Today

Creature Skateboards – Not in top 100 (no change)
Creature Wrench – 12 (previously: not in top 100)
Creature Wrench Cruiser – 8 (previously: 14)
Creature Wrench Cruiser Skateboard – 8 (previously: 12)
Creature Wrench Cruzer – 9 (previously: 11)
Creature Wrench Cruzer Skateboard – 9 (previously: not in top 100)
Neil Heddings – 98 (previously: not in top 100)

Changes Today

  1. The only change to the SEO efforts today is a new blog post on promoting the Creature Wrench Cruiser skateboards accessible here.

Overall, I’m very happy with where the rankings have moved to today. All of the long tail terms are now in the top 10 results, and two of the three less specific terms have moved upwards, one (Creature Wrench) quite substantially.

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