SEO Tests – Carver Skateboards: Update 3

Some minor changes to rankings for Carver Skateboards, and the two models, the C7 Swallow Tail and C7 Spaceman Pintail at Skate-Parts.Com. Once again, no changes to any content, links, pages etc today, but I’ve seen two changes in rankings.

Rankings Today

Carver Skateboards – 16 (no change)
Carver Swallow Tail – 7 (previously: 6)
Carver Spaceman Pintail – 3 (previously: not in top 100)

As you can see, the ranking for the keyword “Carver Swallow Tail” has decreased by one place. Not great, but still in the top 10, and “Carver Spaceman Pintail” has jumped from not being in the top 100 to now being number 3! That’s some positive news!

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