SEO Tests – Creature Wrench Cruiser/Cruzer: Update 2

A quick update on the SEO tests focused on Creature Skateboards “Creature Wrench Cruzer“ for Skate-Parts.Com today after no changes being made to any of the relevant internal pages or external links.

Rankings Today

Creature Skateboards – Not in top 100 (no change)
Creature Wrench – Not in top 100 (no change)
Creature Wrench Cruiser – 14 (previously: 9)
Creature Wrench Cruiser Skateboard – 12 (previously: 10)
Creature Wrench Cruzer – 11 (previously: not in top 100)
Creature Wrench Cruzer Skateboard – Not in top 100 (previously: 15)
Neil Heddings – Not in top 100 (no change)

Changes Today

No changes were made on these keywords today.

Overall, the rankings are interesting. Overall, they have dropped from yesterday, and two of them have jumped in and out of the top 100 to different places.

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