SEO Tests – Carver Skateboards: Update 1

Further to my previous post about the tests I’m running on Carver Skateboards, and two of their models, the C7 Swallow Tail and C7 Spaceman Pintail at Skate-Parts.Com, I have made some further changes but have not yet seen any updates to the rankings.

Rankings Today

Carver Skateboards – 15
Carver Swallow Tail – 6
Carver Spaceman Pintail – Not in top 100


  1. 27/01/14 – Wrote a short blog post about the two new skateboards, the Carver Swallow Tail and Spaceman Pintail which is available here.
  2. 29/01/14 – Wrote a short blog post for another website about the new Carver C7 skateboards with a particular focus on the Swallow Tail model. It is accessible here.
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