John Bortolin Photographer

John Bortolin is a photographer based in Lennox Head that specialises in wedding photography as well as portraiture and landscapes. He looks after the photography for weddings all over the Northern Rivers region including Byron Bay, Ballina and Lismore. He came to me at TerraMedia with an existing static website that had been intended as an online showcase of his photography.

John Bortolin Wedding Photography
John Bortolin Wedding Photography Home Page

I revamped the website for him, cleaned up some of the design issues and produced a gallery system that is clean and efficient, showcasing his landscape, portrait and wedding photographs.

His website now has a back end that allows him to upload and re-order photographs as he desires, the end user see’s clean gallery pages along with a clean website that has minimal use of text, focusing primarily on his photographs.

Similarly the contact and booking inquiry section of his website has been improved and streamlined so that the same form is used for both purposes, subsequently simplifying the process for users and allowing us to remove an unneeded page.

Previously the navigation gave the users the following page options:

  • Weddings
  • Portraits
  • Landscapes
  • Booking Inquiries
  • Contact

After the design revamp and improvement of the contact form to handle all inquiries, we have no included a testimonials and links page where testimonials can be displayed and links to other relevant businesses and services can be shown. Particularly other wedding services.

The new website now shows the following page options:

It also has links to home and contact in the header section of the website which had previously been overlooked, thus allowing users to return to the slideshow on the home page without having to retype the website address manually.

Finally the bio page has been revamped to provide not only more current information but a cleaner page that better suits the image John wants to portray to his clients.

Gallery System

The gallery system uses a combination of jCarousel to handle image browsing with Lightbox to display larger versions of the images. I will go into how this has been put together at some point.

The Galleries

There are three main galleries as mentioned earlier, wedding photography, portrait photography and landscape photography. So without further ado, here are some screenshots of them for you:

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography by John Bortolin
Wedding Photography Gallery by John Bortolin

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography by John Bortolin
Portrait Photography Gallery by John Bortolin

Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography by John Bortolin
Landscape Photography Gallery by John Bortolin
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